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“The only way to hit an invisible target is by accident!”

answered via text or email. Here, the design work from the earlier Transformation established the foundation for the current one. Check in with TOM If you want to start realising the benefits TOM could provide, you can use the following criteria to check if yours is on the right track: • Senior sponsorship: Has your senior leadership team bought into developing a TOM? Are they clear on the approach and their role? • Process scope: Has the business defined a value chain for your organisation? Has it been used to define the scope of your initiative? • Programme vision and key changes: Is the programme’s vision clear? Does the team and business know the changes the programme will be delivering? The process of developing a TOM will align your organisation on the coming change. TOM will help the business own and embed your current initiative and establish a repeatable way of landing your next. So why not make friends with TOM?

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