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Ultimately, there isn’t one natural refrigeration system that is the right answer for everybody. But it is worth taking a moment to make sure that decisions aren’t being rushed into in response to regulatory and environmental pressure. While the industry faces a huge challenge with the mandated phase-down of HFCs, it is important to recognise the broader opportunity at hand. Rather than just replacing HFCs with the first solution a company is comfortable with, retailers should try to anticipate how natural refrigerants can help tackle the broader environmental and business challenges that lie ahead. As I said at the start, positive steps are being made to a more sustainable future. Let’s make every step count. If you are interested in hearing more about the HFC phase-down, Emerson and Waitrose recently hosted a webinar to discuss how to turn the F-gas challenge into an opportunity for retail stores. Watch the recording online at: https://www.brighttalk.com/ webcast/16363/330081/tackling-climate-change-through-the- cold-chain-webinar Emerson will also be presenting on how to improve sustainability through the cold chain at the BRC Sustainability Live Event on Wednesday, 7th November. Register to attend Climate, Environment and The Impact on Retail to hear about how far the retail industry has come in the context of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and climate change objectives, and most importantly, where we go next. Details are available on the BRC website here.

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