The Retailer Spring Edition 2022

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So, to summarise, the role of the OMS plays when integrating pre owned items to a retailer’s product offering is as follows: 1. Establishing a unified stock taking into account both new and pre-owned items. 2. Organising orders, regardless of the type of basket, according to the same business rules. 3. Using the same omnichannel solutions already used by the retailer to process orders: Ship From Store, Order in Store, etc. 4. Offering the same delivery methods as those offered by the retailer for baskets of new items: Click & Collect, Reserve & Collect, home delivery, etc. 5. 5. Processing self-service returns for pre-owned items If you’d like to read more about how retailers can adapt to the growth of the circular economy model, download our white paper: https://bit. ly/3rtR2P0

Re-marketing pre-owned items in an omnichannel environment The OMS will account for used items within the unified stock and organise them, in the same way it would for new items. Customers will be able to create baskets of different types: new items only, pre-owned items only, mixed baskets (new items + pre-owned items). Whatever the combination, the order will be managed by the OMS, which will select the stock point best able to fulfil the order, whilst at the same time respecting the business requirements. The OMS will allow retailers to implement the same omnichannel solu tions for pre-loved items as for new items: ordering references in-store, shipping items from the stores (Ship From Store), etc. For these purchases, the Delivery Promise can also be implemented and will offer delivery methods similar to those normally offered by the retailer: home delivery, delivery to a pick-up point, Click & Collect, Reserve & Collect etc. Finally, returning used items could also be made possible in the same way it is for new items, such as returning the items by post or to the store. The items must be labelled and in the same condition to that in which they were delivered.

Romulus Grigoras

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