The Retailer Spring Edition 2022

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Legislation and regulation Building operators in all sectors now face stringent legislation on energy use, carbon reduction and ventilation and retail is no different. “The Building Regulations have just been reviewed and several regional plans are in development which call for different approaches in different cities,” explains Harman. “That’s where it’s worth talking to someone with the expertise on legis lation affecting buildings and indoor environments.” FIND OUT MORE With over a century of experience and a reputation for excellence, Mitsubishi Electric offers an advanced range of cooling, heating, ven tilation and controls solutions that provide accurate, energy efficient comfort all year round. Our Corporate Team can help provide your customers with complete comfort during their visit to your store, whilst also ensuring you meet today’s energy efficiency requirements. For further information visit: or email The soaring costs of energy are affecting retailers just as much as everyone else and business owners need to find ways of mini mising those monthly bills.” ‘‘

Climate Action Roadmap

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