The Retailer Spring Edition 2022

SPR I NG 202 2

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This is an immediate challenge, forcing immediate action to look beyond UK scope 1 & 2 and focus on addressing the Scope 3 emissions most impacted by this change in energy availability, specifically: • Mapping – identify those supplier to supplier relationships that rely on global fossil fuel energy reserves that will be most at risk to our UK supply • Monitoring – moniter the impact on products, consumption and pricing based on supply cost and global legislation. This will be changing faster than ever. The retailers that can monitor their extended supply chains will gain competitive advantage. • Managing – effective reporting and governance to change our working practices to reduce risk and deliver sustainable opera tions. For now this is focused on risk analytics, but data driven supply insights will underpin our ability to find those supply routes that truly differentiate our retail range and proposition.

The positive news for our planet’s health is that this new UK mandate requires retailers having to make the change well ahead of 2030, so we can all look forward to change in the next fewyears. Our commitment to reduce our reliance on Russian carbonwill accelerate our NetZero plans – well ahead of #netzero2030 . This is surely a one-way-street and at the end we may well have local supply chains, sustainable production and renewable energy consumption. With the by product being something even better…..a healthier planet.

Danny Bagge

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