The Retailer Spring Edition 2022

SPR I NG 202 2

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“The prospect of overhauling processes to incorporate social and environmental due diligence can feel daunting. However, this investment also pays other dividends in reduced rework, brand trust and even greater supply chain resiliency.”


In short, attending to the S of your corporate ESG program can have posi tive and potentially more lasting E impacts than addressing the E alone.”

As you work toward meaningful social impact and environmental sustainability visibility, UL offers solutions to guide you through the pro cess of understanding the supply chain, forging partnerships with greater visibility and strate gically positioning your program for maximum effectiveness. UL’s software and advisory ser vices can help you collect and validate data from your supply chain to evaluate the sustainability and human health impact of your materials, products and suppliers, assessing where you are today andwhere you’d like to go from here. Action on environmental and social sustaina bility missions, visions, goals, operations and reporting plays an integral role in company culture and strategy. Companies that focus on strong ESG practices can outpace the competition, forge stronger relationships with consumers and help preserve the planet and the people who live on it.

Daphne Guelker

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