The Retailer Spring Edition 2022

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The UK is among the worldwide leaders in alternative digital payments solutions adoption and digital transaction value.” ‘‘

Among the downsides of payment orches tration platforms are the short time on the market, so not all the solutions are optimised and ready to use, and there continues to be under development, and most companies that offer payment orchestration started to do so just very recently. Another downside is that even though the costs are optimised for large-scale retailers, the costs might not prove sustainable for smaller businesses. If you want to learn more about Axerve’s approach to satisfying the evolving payment needs of its customers worldwide regarding speed, safety and frictionless payment experi ence, as well as exclusive internal Transaction Risk Analysis data and how it improves a failed transactions rate, download Axerve’s white paper “New technologies and trends in digital payments in 2022”, and read Axerve’s insights into the world of payments. Links Whitepaper: New technologies and trends in digital payments in 2022 Blog: Insights Video: Benefits of Payment Orchestration Homepage: Axerve

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