The Retailer Spring Edition 2022

SPR I NG 202 2

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Teams will benefit from the Retail Trust’s and Foot Anstey’s joint expertise on how best to protect staff and prevent issues before they occur. And the recognised certification can then be used as powerful evidence of a retail er’s commitment to protecting its people, and helping to attract and retain employees at a time when job satisfaction levels are waning retail vacancy rates are at an all-time high. A worrying number of people no longer see retail as a preferred career choice, sowe must focus on initiatives like this which improve the image of the industry and its employers.

We have so much to thank retail workers for, particularly over the last couple of years when they have worked so hard to keep stores run ning, deliver essential services and implement the correct safety measures. They should be celebrated as heroes, somethingwe verymuch intend to do at the Retail Trust’sTogether Fest this monthwhere more than 600 retail workers will take part in a day of activities and entertainment that will also provide new tools to improve and manage their wellbeing. And the very least they now deserve is the ability to carry out their jobs without fear of being abused or assaulted.

Chris Brook-CarteR

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