The Retailer Spring Edition 2022

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Brand Trust UK Research

of respondents have received phishing emails in their inboxes 85%

of respondents agree that it is the brand’s responsibility to protect itself from fake versions of its website 73%


of respondents were directed to a spoofed website 58%

Most Trusted Industries Online 77% 72% banking healthcare Least Trusted Industries Online 43% 37%

Highest phishing emails recieved 36% 32%

online banking

delivery services

of respondents agree that is the brand’s responsibility to protect itself from email impersonation 71%

holiday providers

news services

agree they would stop spending money with their favourite brand if they fell victim to a phishing attack involving that brand

• Email incident response plans – Implementing plans that rely on AI-powered automation tools to analyze, triage, and prioritize potential threats when an email incident occurs so it can be further investigated by security teams. • Recovery and remediation – Planning in advance for when an attack is successful by deploying integrated archiving and data recover capabilities that deliver fast and easy email inbox restoration. • Brand protection solutions - Blocking and taking down malicious domains impersonating your organization, limiting the use of stolen data, and protecting customers, partners and employees from scams that illegally use your domains.

Bringing It All Together Retailers have the best chance of thwarting the cyberattackswe are seeing in 2022 by preparing now. Finding a strong email security partner is one of the most important steps retailers can take to prepare. Mimecast’s portfolio of prod ucts and services can guard retailers against the threats theywill be facing. As retailers prepare for this busy time of year, Mimecast can help stop credential theft, credential stuffing, brand spoofing, social engineering, and supply chain compromises. Mimecast can work with your organization to implement security awareness training proto cols that are not disruptive and provide real value, deploy automated email security solu tions that can stop threats from being delivered to employee inboxes, implement email incident response plans that can alleviate the pressure on already over-tasked security teams, and if the unthinkable happens, help with data recovery, email restoration, and cyberattack remediation.

Mimecast brings it all together, offering solu tions that not only stop retailers from being the victim of a devastating high-profile breach, but that integrate seamlessly into existing systems, other security tools, andworkflows employees are already using. Download the Mimecast State of Email Security Report 2022

Danielle Papadakis

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