The Retailer Spring Edition 2022

SPR I NG 202 2

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What kind of contributors and speakers can we expect this year? We’ve secured several independent, lesser-known organisations who’re doing some remarkable things around the four lenses and making significant strides in their field to bring about change. By bringing in experts in particular areas, we gain that intrinsic view of what we can do differently within the retail industry. A great example would be B Corp, as well as B Corp certified businesses joining us. Another great example would be The Centre for Inclusive Leadership, who have been a long-term partner of not just BRC Learning but OSS. They really help to bring to life what authentic inclusive leadership is. It’s not just about the diversity agenda, it’s about you as an individual, regardless of your race, colour, or sexual orientation, how you can be inclusive and included – Paul Anderson-Walsh is a master at making you think differently in this area. We’ve obviously got some well-known, big-name retailers who are making a difference within their organisation such as Pets at Home, Curry’s and The Body Shop. Not to forget companies that you may not necessarily associate with retail, such as Google. They help to heighten individual perspective and understanding. In what ways does the programme align with the BRC’s D&I Charter and Climate Action Roadmap? There are several ways that the programme aligns with the D&I Charter. The people lens aligns perfectly! To take just one of the pledges, which is around creating a respectful, inclusive work environment. This is where every employee can make a meaningful contribution to the company’s vision and values. This aligns perfectly with the Summer School because this is an opportunity for delegates to come back and make a meaningful contribution. As for the Climate Action Roadmap, we’re closely aligned with the fifth pathway of the roadmap which centres around helping employees and customers live low-carbon lifestyles. We’ll be measuring our carbon footprint at the first residential with the help of The Centre forAlternative Technology. We’ll then have six to seven weeks between residentials to make some changes to decrease our carbon footprint before we return.

When you were re-evaluating the programme, were there any aspects of the old OSS that you carried forward? Historically during the residential, delegates were put into groups and supported by a group coach, this was an element that we wanted to continue. Group coaches are truly the secret ingredient to the BRC Leaders Summer School! They help to create an environment that is psychologically safe for the delegates to learn and grow. It allows each delegate to have support from not just their group and the wider delegation, but a coach throughout the full eight weeks. They’ll be their coach, they’ll be their mentor, they’ll help facilitate their learning, they’ll be their shoulder to cry on, but also their Devil’s advocate to challenge them as well. This year we’re inviting back seven delegates from last year’s virtual programme to join us as a Group Coach and they’re 100% on board. They didn’t even question the commitment because they got so much out of the programme last year – it’s such an incredible experience.

For more information about the BRC Leaders summer school, or to register your interest for the 2022 cohort, visit our website or contact our Learning Team.

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