The Retailer Spring Edition 2022

consumer insights forum future trends and next generation retail

15 June — 8.45 - 11.40 The Form Rooms, Covent Garden

Retail is taking a big step forward to defining what the future shopping experience will look like.

The future of retail is exciting and howwe discover and buy products and services is continuously shifting. But so many questions are still unanswered; Which of these consumer habits will stick, how can you build on loyalty while keeping up with trends, and what technologies do retailers need to invest in to meet their customers’ needs?

Join BRC for our in-person Customer Insights Forum on Wednseday 15 June to discuss.

Recalibrating for the next normal Using data and automation to improve the consumer journey

Leading organisational change

Future tech - what does the next 5 years in retail look like?

Building on your customer loyalty and today’s trends

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