The Retailer Spring Edition 2022


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New Feature - Radio Retail PODCAST Episode 9 – What Retail Leadership Looks Like w/ Mike Logue

This episode of the podcast we are joined by Mike Logue, former CEO of Dreams. Mike took over Dreams in dire straits, having recently emerged from administration, with sales going backwards and the financial clock ticking. In an 8 year period, Mike managed to turn the initial £54 million investment to a £563 million return. So what was his secret to success? Listen to the podcast for his views on modern leadership, why connecting with colleagues is so important, and going back to basics. Catch up on previous episodes here Listen here

Retail Innovation Reframed UPCOMINGWEBINAR —THURSDAY, MAY 19TH 2022 - 2:00 PM

Join Intel and Think Uncommon to learn more about the latest trends and technologies being adopted across the Retail and Hospitality Sectors. More so than ever learning how to reframe your business, apply change and stay innovative is key to continued success. In this session, our experts will highlight what to look out for when building or adapting your own operational strategy and share successful case studies on how retailers have used digital solutions to improve physical aspects of their business. Register here

Evolution of Shoppers and Payments UPCOMINGWEBINAR —THURSDAY, MAY 26TH 2022 - 2:00 PM

Following the easing of government restrictions, we are starting to see a new breed of hybrid shopper emerge - consumers who are digitally savvy and comfortable browsing online from the comfort of their homes but still want to enjoy everything that experiential retail has to offer in physical stores. But what factors determine whether UK consumers will buy a product or not? Good reviews, impulse buying or just needing the product? Does it differ significantly by age? And what are the biggest frustrations encountered by consumers in connection to online payments. Register here

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