The Retailer Spring Edition 2020

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Retail Stats, Facts and Trends: COVID-19 and Retail Tune in on 19 May 2020, 14:00 - 14:30 | Webinar

The BRC ‘s Quarterly Retail Insight Webinar our Insight & Analytics experts will provide initial analysis of how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted the retail industry - from when the first UK cases were reported back in February, to when we entered the initial shut-down in March, and how the country adapts into April.

Coronavirus: How Can Retailers Manage Local Supply Chain Demands? Tune in on 28 May 2020 | Webinar Retailers are working hard to manage and optimise their supply chains to cope with the current crisis. SAS UK and Ireland share learning from across the industry and offer practical advice and solutions to help

retailers through this immediate period. Tune in on 28 May, 2020. Thank you to SAS our Event Partner for their ongoing support.

Coronavirus: What Are The Global Supply Chain Implications Right Now? Watch on demand | Webinar Listen on demand to this discussion with IBM, one of the world’s largest international technology companies, as they assess intelligence on the ground and help provide a clearer picture of the immediate and likely longer-term global trading situation. Thank you to IBM our Event Partner for their ongoing support.

Reporting Coronavirus Related Crime in Retail

Violence and abuse is never acceptable and should never be tolerated. Like any other time, you should report all incidents of violence or abuse to the Police. We are updating guidance for occasions when you are threatened with infection with Coronavirus, including by coughing or spitting on you. This is a serious matter, and will be treated like that. Your employer will support you in reporting the crime and the subsequent investigation and any other impact on you or your life.

WHAT TO SAY Speak slowly and clearly: give your name and location; name of business, address & postcode Describe what is happening and focus on the violence or abuse. Tell the call handler if: • violence has been used or threatened, including someone threatening to infect with the virus • there is an immediate risk • the suspect is still in the store or nearby • weapons have been seen or threatened • there are any injuries.


CALL 999 when:

• it feels like the situation could get heated or violent • a crime is in progress (even if not violent yet) • someone is in immediate danger • you need help right away.

IF IT ISN’T AN EMERGENCY, still report the crime but call 111 or use your local force’s website, or use Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or to report anonymously.

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