The Retailer Summer Edition_2020

Recovery and Discovery through Community and Collaboration As COVID-19 began to take hold BRC Learning created ¬¬a series of interactive webinars to support retail leaders at all levels as they dealt with the pandemic. Watch the webinars on demand and gain access to associated learning resources. BRC LEARNING WEBINARS: EXPLORING THE IMPACT OF COVID-19 NEWS FROM THE BRC

Webinar 1: The Impact on 'My Life' Evelina Dzimanavičiūtėatie, Leadership Trainer, Consultant and Coach at Elite Mind Evelina explored the impact of COVID-19 on our lives and our leadership. Including how it affects the way that we lead ourselves, our teams and our approach to leadership in the future. Watch the video

Webinar 2: The Impact on 'Our Business' Katie Mabbett, Deputy Store Director at Harrods

Katie explored the impact of the pandemic on our people and our customers. Including how this has affected the businesses we work for and what this means for us and our teams. Watch the video

Webinar 3: The Impact on 'This Sector' Neil Gibb, Consultant, Writer and Future Thinker Neil explored the impact on the people in the retail industry. Including what the crisis means for the sector and how can we collectively create a different future. Watch the video

Webinar 4: The Impact on 'Our World' Paul Anderson-Walsh, Co-Founder of The Centre for Inclusive Leadership Paul explored the impact of COVID-19 on the human experience. Including what it means for the way we behave, the way that we work and the way that we live. Watch the video

Webinar 5: The Impact on 'My Purpose' Chris Brook-Carter, Chief Executive Officer at retailTRUST

Chris joined Terry Lees, Head of Leadership & Learning Events at BRC Learning in a Q&A to explore the trends and themes from the series. Including what we have learnt about the impact on us as individuals, the businesses that we lead, the industry we work in and the

world we live in. Watch the video

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