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Hand Sanitizers THE DO’S AND DON’TS

Benefits of product safety testing and verification

While the evolving COVID-19 situation presents new challenges, UL offers critical solutions that meet emerging demands and evolving conditions in today’s retail environment. Our science-backed testing and verification services can help expedite your production of hand sanitizers and avoid supply chain delays. Our face mask testing services can help take the complexity out of your supply chain. Our program is designed with consumers and healthcare workers’ safety and well-being at the forefront. We remain committed to our mission of working for a safer world. To explore all of UL’s solutions and support tools to help you respond, reopen or resume your business, visit our website or call +44.1256.312.100.

Do check if an alcohol based hand sanitizer – with active ingredients such as ethanol or isopropyl – is formulated with the minimum alcohol concentration of 60% for highest effectiveness

Do supervise toddlers or older children while they use the product and never let your child lick their hands immediately afterwards

Do apply a hand sanitizer on dried hands starting from the back to the wrist and then continuing on the palm, fingers, interdigital spaces, nails and under jewelry until when your skin will be dry again


Do not apply hand sanitizer on visibly dirty or greasy hands—the cleaner your hands are, the better!

Do not produce your homemade hand sanitizers mixing chemicals that can cause hazardous inhalation or skin irritations

Do not replace hand washing with the use of hand sanitizers

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