The Retailer Winter Edition 2022

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Transparency has always been a key accountabil ity principle under the GDPR and now we have seen the consequences of getting it wrong.”

Supply chain breaches Data breaches continue to make headlines with some notable household names being the victims of sophisticated hackers. However, there have also been breaches resulting from supply chain wrongdoing. For example, Audi and Volkswagen were left exposed after one of their vendors did not adequately protect the data of 3.3m customers. Althoughwe have yet to see material action arising from this breach, this incident reiterates the importance to retailers of the need not just to keep on top of their own security but also the security of their respective supply chains. Class actions Finally, in the major case of Lloyd v Google, it was held in November 2021 that the UK’s first ‘opt-out’ data class actionwould not be permit ted to go ahead. This will have an impact on other defendants against whom representative proceedings had been brought using a similar M.O., on matters ranging from data breaches to use of children’s data and cookies. While it is the end of the road for this claim, the door has been left open for a two-stage process, something that will give food for thought to claimants and their legal teams. The full version of this article can be found in The Collective Business Report 2022 online here.

Bryony Long

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