The Retailer Winter Edition 2022

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INCENTIVISE, NOT DEMONISE All too often the climate conversation can demonise organisations. This can lead to an atmosphere of inertia. To ensure businesses evolve the practices in their supply chains, they need to be encouraged and incentivised. Climate change is a question of urgency, not perfection, and businesses need support to rise above negative voices and see the positive value of action. Government regulation needs to be constructive and come with incentives that spur on those that are reluctant to take “net positive” action. Businesses may need to consider incentivising too, as they seek to encourage employees to engage with the sustainability benefits of technology. It’s crucial that a tech-literate company culture is created to a ensure smooth, long-lasting transition to more sustainable practices. SUPPLYING THE PLANET’S FUTURE Sustainable supply chains are set to become a business differentiator. Big players making big moves include building materials manufacturer Holcimwhich was one of the first companies to commit to net zero and has its emissions validated by the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi). These actions are putting pressure on others to change as companies seek to compete and thrive in a climate-conscious world. If businesses react, adopt the right technology, collaborate with others and incentivise changes to their supply chains, the world may get closer to mitigating global warming. But if businesses fail to tackle their supply chains, they will hold back real progress in the climate fight – and jeop ardise the planet’s survival. WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP The BRC Climate Action Roadmap is designed to help the UK Retail industry reach Net Zero by 2040. IBMare partneringwith us on Pathway4of theRoadmap, focused on helping retailers to source sustainably and reduce carbon emissions across their supply chains. Find outmore about how IBM can help you and your organisation.


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