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Having effective recruitment strategieswill also increase your prospects of attracting and retaining staff. Such strategies include: • reviewing and promoting your brand values to appeal to and attract your target recruitment pool. Prospective candidates are looking more and more at whether a brand’s values and practices are aligned with their own. Also, consider looking at your target recruitment pool to consider extending this to groups not previously targeted. • considering your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance and ensuring you have policies and practices in place that are attractive to your target recruitment pool and that such policies are operated in practice by the business. • reviewing pay and benefits for current and prospective employees. In addition to increases to basic pay, where possible, consider other options such as food allowances, offering paid leave for charity days, Perks box benefits, or offering additional annual leave days. Businesses looking to hire top talent may also want to consider alternative pay structures, for example by paying extra for overtime hours worked or moving to an hourly wage, making a change from the customary monthly wage where chefs regularly work hours which exceed their contractual hours without additional pay. • looking at progression and training opportunities that will enable personal and professional development.

• offering flexibility with working hours where possible. Workers are increasingly looking for roles that offer an improved work-life balance compared to what was previously expected. Consider reviewing and updating your flexible working policies and family friendly policies. • speeding up your recruitment process and looking at how you can streamline the hiring process to include same day hiring. In the battle for talent, it’s important to move quickly. Same day hiring and ensuring compliance with the right to work checks, could give your business the edge over the competition. In short, recruitment doesn’t need to be a re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings.

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Same day hiring and ensuring compli ance with the right to work checks, could give your business the edge over the

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