The Retailer Winter Edition 2022





What has been a highlight of the podcast so far? I really enjoyed talking to Matt Clark from AlixPartners in the last epi sode. He’s worked in retail transformation for over 20 years so it was really cool to hear how he thinks the next year might look. A lot of his predictions aren’t what you’d necessarily expect to hear from a lot of people in the industry, so it was exciting to hear from someone who has a very different vision of the future of retail. Who is on your wish list to interview in 2022? Oooh good question! I’d love to get some political heavy hitters on to discuss some of the ongoing trade developments. Watch this space! Tell us something interesting about you Nothing special but I hate the sound of my voice!!! It makes the podcasts a bit of a struggle to edit at times! So hopefully the listeners are getting something out of my torment. Tell us about the most recent episode of Radio Retail The latest episode of the podcast is tackling diversity and inclusion in the retail industry. D&I is probably more in focus now than has ever been the case across the board, and I was keen to have a wide discussion on what’s happening in the industry, what the BRC is doing, and what listeners can do to make a tangible difference in their workplace. It’s a subject where, I think rightly, people are wary of businesses talking the talk, without necessarilywalking the walk. A lot has been said about diversity over the last few years, but I wanted to know what concrete things are actually being done, and whether it was making a difference. The question of D&I was one that should have always been a question for more than just HR departments, and I think we’re getting to a point where society more generally is understanding that everyone has a role to play. It’s a really interesting episode, looking at where we are, where we are improving, but also at how far we still have to go.

WILLIAM MADDISON Senior Content Executive and Creator of Radio Retail

Tell us a bit about your role at BRC As Senior Content Executive I work with our partners to develop events, podcasts, blogs and other content that hopefully are useful to our members! What inspiredthenewpodcast? We’ve got so much expertise here at the BRC that covers pretty much every topic imaginable that could be useful/interesting for retailers. I thought it would be great to have something regular and easy for people to listen to that brings that expertise under one roof. A sort of one stop shop (excuse the pun) for everything UK retail. Who is the podcast aimed at? Honestly, anyone who is interested in retail! We cover topics ranging from Brexit, business strategy, consumer trends, the latest news. I try to make sure there is a little in there for everyone, and we try to keep it top level so it’s accessible. A bit of a taster of the more detailed work that goes on at the BRC and beyond.


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