The Retailer Winter Edition 2022

WI NT ER 202 2


• Invest in establishing your company’s digital and data backbone which will provide the launchpad capabilities for both under standing net zero and enabling proactive actions when exploiting cloud native capabilities and efficiencies for example IoT • Collaborate with other CIOs on net zero. Almost all organisations are working on net zero transformation, and stand to gain by establishing best practice for emission reduction together. Take the time to keep abreast of the rapidly changing market on cloud and net zero. • Identify ecosystem partners for net zero innovation. The majority of organisations do not yet know how they will reach their net zero goals, and will need new ideas and partnerships. The nature of cloud computing makes it easier, cheaper and faster to work with partners to test out new ideas for decarbonisation. Net Zero is a large, many headed beast, one which will be a continuous challenge for all businesses going forward. The onus is on CIO’s to quickly come together and lead the way, accelerating solutions to this problem using their cunning, wit and (cloud enabled) technology agendas.

Anna Bancroft

Jason Sutherland

Tarik Moussa

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